The project

On the topic of bi+visibility we celebrate the project “99 Bi-ographies“.

We want to draw attention to bisexual visibility – not only on bisexual day – but on a regular basis. For this purpose we would like to illustrate 99 people from the Bi+Community and present them in connection with a short biography or a short statement via social media channels. The illustration will present in a regulary rhythm. The project is a visibility campaign, so we will be happy if the illustrations are shared as often as possible. The illustrations will be published on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. We are currently planning to exhibit the illustrations in the form of posters or hang them in various public places (e.g. pubs) and also to include the print media. With the participation we therefore connect an agreement with the publication as described before.

We have extended the project until 23/09/23!


  • On 9/23/21, a “Bi-Visibility Poster” has been published on Pink.Life ( as a collage with all illustrations published until then.
  • In March 2022 our project graced the cover of the Bisexual Journal (BiJou 38) included a short report about it.
  • Since the end of July 22, one of the illustrations has been on display at Silverfuture in Berlin.

Join us and make a statement!

We are therefore looking for people who identify as bi, bisexual, biromantic, bisensual, pan, omni, non-monosexual, etc. and would like to be illustrated. This is for free.*

If you want to participate or have any questions do not hesitate to contact us:

illustration [at]

The project is an initiative of:

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*for further information see sitemap